Loaded dice craps for electronic board

Publicado:07/08/2018 en 23:06
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LMJ produces dice loaded with magnetic powder in, which can be controlled by remote control and can be used in any games

The winning magic system, is based on nonmagnetic electronics (it does not contain magnets) when it is activated (when pressing a remote) pulls the dice and splits on 66, 65 or 21, 11 or any other configuration

The remote control can be a normal remote, which must be in your hand and press the button, or, the remote can be in heel or knee!

The system is NOT dedicated to amateur players or magicians!
Ligamagicienilorjucatori.com produces systems for magicians for : Dice games , Poker games , Rummy games , Domino Games !

CAREFUL! All our products are personalized and are only designed for magicians To view your customized products and PRICE LIST, please contact:



These products are created STRICT for entertainment.
Their use in gambling is strictly forbidden if they are organized in special or not arranged places for money!

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